About Us

Our team at Expercis is passionate about our mission of ensuring sustainable, quality anesthesia services for children.


Our journey at Expercis started in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area in 2011, working in standalone children’s hospitals.

 As the DFW population grew, increased demand for perioperative services resulted in challenges facing a lot of the market today. Critical staffing, budget constraints, a dynamic compensation market, and then the pandemic were all foundational to the mission behind Expercis.

What ultimately started us on this journey was identifying the need for experts experienced dealing with the challenges faced by pediatric organizations and anesthesia groups.

Our experience with consulting firms in the pediatric arena is the vast majority lack experience in pediatric anesthesia. They spend little time understanding what unique organizational factors are important. This leads them to offer solutions that aren’t implemented due to being a poor fit for their client’s operating structure or culture.



We understand every organization is different, what makes it work is unique, and solutions to industry problems require organization-specific solutions


Michael Lambert, PhD, CRNA, MSW

Michael Lambert has worked in healthcare for twenty years. His career in pediatric anesthesia began twelve years ago, with over ten years in leadership and management during that time. His experience in pediatric anesthesia leadership has been broad, encompassing  common anesthesia-related challenges facing organizations today.

Some of the highlights of that experience including recruiting, hiring, and retention strategy development for a 100+ person pediatric anesthesia group. Related personnel management experience includes the market analysis for compensation and benefits, as well as development and strategic planning for specialty pediatric anesthesia teams (congenital heart defect program). Michael was also involved in the management, recruiting, and hiring of a 25-person anesthesia technician department.

Related organizational facing experience includes construction project management for anesthesia needs, supply chain optimization, electronic medical record development, implementation, and optimization, as well as policy development, quality improvement initiatives, and diversion detection and prevention program implementation.

Michael has an associate’s degree in nursing from Amarillo College, a bachelor’s of science in social work from West Texas A&M University, a master’s of science in social work from the University of Texas at Arlington, and a master of science in nurse anesthesia from Texas Wesleyan University. He is currently a Ph.D. student in Texas Christian University’s Health Sciences program, where he is pursuing a research project on factors associated with turnover intention in anesthesia.


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