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We help you hire and retain anesthesia providers, offering expert anesthesia consulting so you can focus on better care and better outcomes.


Ensuring your pediatric anesthesia team is a sustainable part of providing readily available, quality service to surgeons, proceduralists, families, and children.

We are passionate about children receiving quality anesthesia services by anesthesia providers who are happy to work where they do, with the people they do.

Ensuring your organization can meet the demand for pediatric anesthesia services can be challenging.

Anesthesia can become the bottleneck for perioperative services resulting in decreased revenue, dissatisfaction, and ultimately attrition for providers, families, and patients. At Expercis, we bring pediatric anesthesia expertise to solving these issues, including:

  • Hiring solutions
  • Retention solutions 
  • Introducing CRNAs to your pediatric anesthesia group
  • Local market compensation analysis 
  • Logistics associated with staffing models, anesthesia coverage and availability
  • Policy development and implementation for anesthesia services
  • Quality and regulatory compliance for anesthesia services

Why It Matters

The demand for anesthesia services is projected to grow by 45% between 2020 and 2030.

(US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2022)

Resignations among healthcare providers reached unprecedented levels in 2021.

(US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, 2022)

Turnover intention amongst anesthesiologists and CRNAs is frequently reported near 40%.

(Dexter et al., 2021, Mousavi et al., 2019)

See how creating an environment where your anesthesia team can thrive helps improve your retention, satisfaction and patient outcomes.

By inviting us to work with your organization you can expect solutions to why anesthesia departments fail to meet the demand for their services.

Partnering with Expercis will increase your organization’s ability to successfully hire, retain, and provide quality pediatric anesthesia services, whenever and wherever needed.

Meet the founder

Michael Lambert

As the founder of Expercis, I saw the need to offer consulting to pediatric organizations wanting to optimize anesthesia services. The last decade has seen the demand for pediatric anesthesia increase, while the ability to meet that demand has become increasingly challenging.

My experience exposed me to organizations wanting to provide the best care for families and children while struggling with issues like compensation, recruitment and retention, and the anesthesia care team model. With good evidence that burnt-out, short-staffed, and dissatisfied employees provide lower-quality care, I am passionate about ensuring your organization’s pediatric anesthesia team is engaged and happy working for you. Too frequently consultants have no experience in the anesthesia field, much less pediatric anesthesia.


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