Expert pediatric anesthesia consulting for healthcare organizations looking to optimize anesthesia services.


The healthcare consulting market is awash with companies offering generic solutions to common problems.

Our principal team at Expercis has years of pediatric anesthesia management experience, which allows us to leverage our expertise for solutions custom-tailored to your organization’s culture and needs. 


At the core of our business model is understanding that organizational structure, culture, and practice vary in substantial ways.

Generic solutions that conform to the “industry standard” can be difficult, if not impossible, to implement if it isn’t a fit for you. Our approach is centered on partnering with your organization’s decision-makers and stakeholders to assess your unique needs.

Once that foundation has been laid, we work with you to arrive at data-driven, evidenced-based solutions that work for you.

We are committed to being there every step of the way as those solutions are implemented. 

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Transparent, Evidence-Based Solutions for Better Care and Outcomes

Our experience allows us to provide an array of services aimed at optimizing anesthesia services and delivery.

Talent Acquisition and Retention

Hiring the right people can be a challenge. At Expercis we partner with your organization to assess your compensation strategy, practice environment, and organizational climate. With that information, we advertise your open positions to recruit candidates who are seeking to work at an organization like yours.

✓ Candidate recruiting and placement
✓ Compensation strategy assessment
✓ Practice environment assessment
✓ Organizational climate assessment
✓ Strategic planning for the development of long-term hiring resources
✓ Local market assessment benefits and compensation assessment
✓ Development of hiring and retention strategies

Anesthesia Care Team

The anesthesia care team (ACT) model consists of anesthesiologists supervising or directing advanced practice providers (e.g., CRNAs) in the delivery of anesthesia. The pediatric anesthesia discipline has been a mix of anesthesiologist only and ACT practice. For organizations introducing an ACT practice model, moving away from a physician-only model can be challenging.

At Expercis we partner with your current anesthesia team, surgeons, proceduralist, and nurses to ensure every stakeholder understands how this transition will benefit them. Examples of those benefits are surgeons and proceduralists having more access to anesthesia services, anesthesiologists having better support for reduced work stress, and an increased ability to generate associated revenue.

✓ Introduction of advanced practice providers (e.g., CRNAs) to group/organization
✓ Physician engagement for implementation of care team model
✓ Policy development for advanced practice provider scope of practice
✓ Practice environment recommendations for collaborative practice
✓ Development of pediatric anesthesia specialty training programs for advanced practice providers (e.g., anesthesia for pediatric congenital heart defects)


Understanding how anesthesia generates revenue for organizations can be challenging. The interaction of payer-mix, procedure/anesthesia/facility charges, and reimbursement is vital to understanding how to optimize anesthesia services for lateral revenue generation.

By highlighting where anesthesia services can generate the most revenue for your organization, unavoidable anesthesia bottlenecks can be positioned to have the lowest financial impact for your organization.


Whether you are trying to optimize your current staffing model or looking for a new staffing model (e.g., ACT model), we are here to help. Using your data on when and where cases are being performed, we can identify optimal staffing models aimed at concentrating staffing on where and when demand is highest.

✓ Staffing model assessment
✓ Staffing model optimization for operating room throughput


Diversion is an unfortunate reality anywhere healthcare providers have access to controlled substances. Developing or optimizing diversion prevention and detection programs for anesthesia is an area of expertise for us. We are passionate about ensuring you have the best tools available to ensure every child is cared for by someone free of controlled substance impairment.

✓ Assessment of departmental diversion risk
✓ Diversion policy creation
✓ Electronic surveillance program implementation
✓ Diversion education curricula implementation

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