Talent Acquisition

Long-term retention of the right people results in better care and better outcomes, Expercis is here to help.


The pediatric anesthesia workforce is at an all-time premium.

With attrition exceeding the pre-COVID average across the nation, retaining talented individuals while hiring people who are a good fit for your organization is a challenge. 

Keys to success in this market come down to compensation, practice environment, and organizational climate.

Compensation in pediatric anesthesia is anything but straightforward and yet is the primary factor influencing the ability to retain and hire. Knowing who the competition is and what they pay is key to an effective compensation strategy. 

Market analysis from large firms often fails to identify stakeholders in the local market competing for anesthesia personnel. We provide local compensation data, ensuring you know what employees and candidates are being offered next door.

Practice environment and organizational climate are buzzwords for factors outside of compensation that will attract and retain top talent. At its core, the practice environment relates to how much work-related stress anesthesia personnel can count on taking home. Staffing ratios, call ratios, collegiality, and defined roles in anesthesia are examples of factors impacting whether people are happy at work or not. Organizational climate comes down to leadership. 

Can employees and candidates count on strong, fair, and competent leadership at your organization? 

Pediatric anesthesia is a small world. With less than 120,000 combined anesthesia providers in the US, word-of-mouth on compensation, practice environment, and organizational climate is the primary way employees and candidates are making employment decisions. 

At Expercis, we have the experience and expertise to provide your organization with the information needed for a successful retention and hiring strategy.


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